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Skim through these amazing garage door tips in order to make sure garage door repair will be successful.

  • Clean the garage opener remotes regularly.

    Use a soft lint-free cloth dampened in alcohol to clean the plastic casing of the remote, including the cover of the infrared unit. Take the batteries out and clean the compartment and the contacts using a cloth dampened in lemon juice. Let the compartment dry before you put the batteries inside again.

  • Watch Out for Open Wires

    Garage door openers may have visible wiring running through the garage or near the doorway. Make sure that there are no live wires exposed since these are very dangerous and may cause not just the malfunctioning of your garage door opener, but electrocution as well.

  • Repair cables right away

    Seriously damaged garage door cables can cause significant problems and may also inflict injuries if your overhead opener sensors do not work properly. According to the experience of Garage Door Repair Davis, cables – whether they're loose or off the drum – must be fixed right away.

  • Reminders when purchasing a garage door

    When purchasing a new garage door opener for your doors at home, consider the type of drive, power requirement, the door weight and size, security and safety features, lights, battery backup, entry pad, wall controls, remote control, warranty covered, as well as the price. Before finally deciding to purchase the opener, realize that to guarantee success in installation, expert help is necessary such as the one offered by our professionals.

  • The right time for replacement

    The right time to replace your garage door is usually when it begins showing signs of deterioration, or perhaps it is no longer working well despite maintenance and cleaning to it. The opener is usually the source of the problem. When you notice any uncanny sound to the door, it might mean that you need to have it repaired. If it doesn’t solve the problem, replacement may be necessary.

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