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  • Does my opener work without sensors?

    1993-onwards garage door openers, which integrate safety sensors, will keep on working when the sensors are not maintained properly but they won't work properly if the sensors are removed according to the specialists of our company in Davis. They are integrated parts and if someone tampers with them, the opener may not respond either.

  • Why should I get steel instead of aluminum doors?

    The benefits of aluminum overhead doors are their lower prices and the fact that they don't erode, even though they are lightweight and dent. They will need more maintenance and won't be as strong as steel garage doors, which are very durable. In fact, if you choose galvanized steel doors, you will also forget about rust and garage door prices would still be affordable.

  • How can I reinforce garage door insulation?

    There are insulation materials, which are sold separately and you will need to place them at the back side of the panel. Of course, if you are close to getting a new door, it's good to get an insulated one with the r-value high enough depending on the weather conditions of your location in Davis. You must take care of the weather strip, do garage door repair on time and replace the bottom seal often.

  • What are the usual problems with tracks?

    Tracks are very strong mechanical garage door parts and they are not ruined easily. Though, they must remain clean because high concentration of elements could cause dents and damaged garage door tracks will keep rollers from sliding properly and, thus, you may find the door off tracks. If they are not made of galvanized materials, they will rust and have similar reactions. Be aware that tracks come in different dimensions depending on the door.

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