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Garage Door Springs

Door Springs | Garage Door Repair Davis, CA

The springs are perhaps the most important part of your entire overhead door system. Other than the door itself, of course. They are in charge of doing the heavy lifting when your door opens and closes, and because of this, they will begin to wear out over time. While they are tough and durable, they will eventually fail altogether and break. Our technicians can quickly replace a broken spring for you, and even increase the longevity of these components with our professional maintenance services.

The Right Type For You

There are two different types of springs that are used in garage door systems. Torsion springs are the relatively newer and considerably stronger of the two. They are installed horizontally above the door and use torque to pull it off the ground (via lift cables, of course, not literally). However, they require a certain amount of headroom, and if that space is not available, extension springs will need to be used. These are the older of the two, and also the more dangerous options, as they stretch and contract in order to help the door move, which makes them more likely to whip around when they break. Their lifespan is usually shorter as well because of this, and therefore regularly inspecting their condition is important in order to catch minor issues early.

The Dangers Of DIY

Trying to replace or even adjust garage door springs by yourself is a bad idea. Crucial as they may be, these are still very dangerous components that require expert skills in order to be handled. Our technicians specialize in performing broken spring replacement, as well as tension adjustment. With regular maintenance, which includes lubrication, inspection and adjustment, we can even extend the longevity of these components and increase their working efficiency.

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Whether one of your springs broke and needs to be replaced, or your door is unbalanced and you need a professional to adjust it, our experts at Garage Door Repair Davis are the ones to call. Be sure to contact us as soon as you discover a problem.

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