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Garage Door Springs

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There was a time when people did not pay that much attention to their garage doors but that has all changed. People have realized the importance of having their garage doors not only working properly, but also looking good. Our company in Davis went into business because we knew people had the need of a garage door service. We have slowly built up a reputation of being the best garage door company around. We, at our garage door company, can handle those small repair jobs to the biggest ones you have. We do all repairs, replacements and installations.Garage Door Springs

We are capable of providing our customers with the best quality of work possible. With our garage door services, we are able to give you a brand new door that you can be proud of. When you have a door that has become an eye sore, let our talented team of technicians help spruce it up. Let them install a new door for you, or replace your old and worn panels. We offer a variety of solutions for your garage door service needs. You can trust that we know how to give you what you want and need. As a professional garage door service, we offer the best and most trust-worthy services possible.

Our garage door company in Davis does all different kinds of repairs, replacements and installations. One service that we get a lot of calls on is for garage door springs. Springs are an important part of the garage door. These springs are what make the garage door go up and down. You should keep in mind that garage door springs should only be repaired or installed by a professional. There have been many people injured seriously by springs. They have a tendency to snap and can cause harm. In fact these springs are not even sold to homeowners.

There are two different kinds of springs. There is torsion springs and extension springs. The torsion springs comes in two sets of two. The extension springs come in two. The torsion springs are for doors that are heavier. There is a pair of these on each side of the door. The extension springs are for doors that do not weigh as much. There is one spring on each side of the top of the door.

Offers high quality work at cheap cost

There are also galvanized springs. But these are not a different kind of springs. These are either the torsion springs or the extension springs that have been coated. This way they look better and do not rust as fast. They are a little more costly, but well worth the extra money.  Our garage door contractors in the city of Davis are well trained in garage door springs and can install them or repair the ones you already have. Having us install these springs will keep you and your loved ones safe from harm and also have your garage door working like it should at all times.

Our garage door company did not reach the slot of being number one for no reason at all. We have worked hard to show the people of Davis that we are a company that cares about our customers and the services that we provide. We offer high quality work at low cost. We also carry all parts on the trucks, so we can start and finish the job in one day.

If you are looking for a company that can give you the best services for your money, then our garage door company in Davis is the company for you.

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