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Garage Door Maintenance

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Having trouble with your old garage door, thinking about having it replaced but cannot afford a new one right now? Call garage door repair and maintenance Davis and let us do a full inspection of your garage door. Garage door repair and maintenance Davis is a quality garage door specialist and will give you a full inspection and let you know if we can repair your garage door or it just needs to have a regularly maintenance lubrication.  A few adjustments might need to be made and your garage door could be just like new. Always remember to get a provider that is bonded and licensed in the State of California to do your work.Garage Door Maintenance

After we do a full inspection, a technician will let you know what he found and give you an estimate of what the maintenance fee will be. Garage door repair and maintenance Davis guarantee our work 110%, and if a replacement part is needed, it will have a lifetime warranty.An annual inspection will keep your garage door looking and running like new, if you wait too long, you take the chance of having to replace a part, and replacing a part will cost you more than an inspection.

Have you ever come home and there is a thunderstorm roaring and your garage will not open and you have little kids to get inside? Having preventive maintenance done can prevent this from happening again.

A few tips on your garage door maintenance, not only do you need to clean and oil your door track, spray the springs to keep them rust free and operating correctly, you also need to check your door sensor, and make sure it is working properly to prevent accidents, a pet or a small child might run under the door and if the sensor is working properly the door will immediately spring back up. A little maintenance can prevent a tragic accident from happening.

I would recommend checking your cables, chains and springs on a monthly basis, if something is broken or coming apart call a professional to repair or replace the part.

You and your family's safety is important to us

Give us, at garage door repair and maintenance Davis, a call for all your maintenance needs. We care about you and your family's safety.  If regular maintenance is not being done on your garage door, an accident may occur, if the door sensor does not function, or the door does not close. An intruder could enter into your house by a garage door that does not close correctly. To prevent any accidents call us at garage door repair and maintenance Davis for a full inspection of your garage door.

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